Graze Tables

Because snacking should be an experience
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Grazing tables have truly become the modern day catering for large events, parties, weddings, and entertaining.

Everyone is in awe of the beautiful, stylistic element that these tables bring to any social event.  Whether it’s Date Night, a gathering of friends and family, a wedding or an event – we provide quality selections that are pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. 

We specialize in gorgeous, curated cheese and charcuterie grazing tables. We take all the stress out of running to multiple stores, collecting ingredients, figuring out the perfect pairings, and making stunning spreads for your entertaining needs.

Filled with artisan cheese, charcuterie meats, olives, dips, jams, fresh fruits, nuts, baked breads, and so much more; these gourmet feasts will leave a lasting impression on all who gather and graze. 

Each harvest buffet is decorated with anything from beautiful flowers to fruits with a focal point of mouth watering splendor specifically aimed at:

 wedding receptions  |   dinner parties  |  cheese and wine evenings  |   corporate events  |   product launches