the nitty gritty


Collections or Delivery takes place on Fridays and we have limited spots available so if you’re planning a picnic for the weekend, a photoshoot, a dinner party or a simple Friday night staycation it’s best to place your order earlier in the week to ensure you get a spot. 

All our boxes are made to be consumed within a day or two (on the day for the freshest experience) and must be kept chilled until needed.
Due to seasonality, price and suppliers, we cannot always guarantee certain produce. However, a suitable delicious alternative will always be offered.

Although we’re Pretoria based, the occasional Jo’burg order does pop up and we do have a delivery option available for that.

Please email us to get a quote on larger groups/event orders.

Please don’t hesitate to have a quick chat with us on FB or IB or WhatsApp if you’d like to discuss your order first.